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Your Patient-Centered Medical Home!

In June of 2009, the National Committee for Quality Assurance recognized Ideal Family Healthcare as a Level 3 Patient-Centered Medical Home. In July of 2012, Ideal Family Healthcare was one of the first practices in Colorado to again be recognized under the latest NCQA Patient Centered Home Recognition program, again at the highest level. To learn more, click here.

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Our goal is to provide compassionate, personalized medical care that is evidence-based and accessible. We use health information technology to lower the cost of delivering care and in so doing, allow more time for satisfying relationships between patient and doctor to develop. Essentially, we return to old-fashioned medicine by utilizing modern technology.

Patient Portal Now Available

Established patients of Ideal Family Healthcare can use the following features of our new patient portal:

There is no charge for using this service. Click here to view instructions on how to use the patient portal.

Laboratory Testing Services Policy

As of November 1, 2017, we set the following office policy for laboratory testing services:

  1. Determination and ordering of necessary laboratory testing should typically happen at an office visit.
  2. A blood draw appointment is not intended for medical decision making or for discussion of matters that are typically handled through a standard office visit. This includes discussion of symptoms, prescribing of treatment, or physical examination.
  3. Understand that the doctor may also request a follow up appointment to discuss results or necessary treatment after laboratory testing has been performed.
  4. To avoid unnecessary expenses, we advise patients to identify the preferred laboratories for their health insurance plan.
  5. We only offer blood draws for testing that is ordered by an Ideal Family Healthcare physician.

Other Office Policies

  1. Because we do not double-book appointments, we are charging a $30 no show and same day cancellation fee.This fee applies to all appointments including blood draws. We will bill you directly, as this fee is not covered by your insurance. The only exception to this policy is inclement weather.
  2. Because we are not a conceirge practice, the doctors are unable to provide medical care over the phone or via email. If you have medical issues, questions, or concerns, please make an appointment to see the doctor.
  3. Any forms requiring more than a physician signature require an appointment with a doctor.
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